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BOYCOTT CNN: What CNN Did To Trump Today Got Trump So Mad That He Is Going To War

Recently, CNN has blemished Donald Trump by citing him stating that “racial profiling” will eventually prevent terror attacks, but Trump has never said those words.

Below you can see what CNN actually said about the Republican candidate.

From Liberty Writers News:

*** The truth doesn’t matter to the liberal media, though.

Lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies. You turn on the TV and they lie. That’s why you should share this and get all your friends to like Liberty Writers News on Facebook. We will expose CNN’s sick lies.

You know what. F*ck CNN.

More than half the nation believes their sick lies. Let’s wake these people up.

Comment ‘BOYCOTT CNN’ below! Let’s send these un-American liars back to where the belong.

Here is the reason that they are so hard on Trump. It is because he is so much smarter than them. Take a look what he did to them last Friday when he got veterans free air time on CNN.

So, here’s a good reason why we need Donald Trump to win in November. We must help Trump in his battle against the biased, dishonest mainstream media, and the best way to decrease their reputation is by helping Trump to the Oval Office.