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Dateline, August 31, 2016; Mexico City:

Today, Donald Trump, to the shock and wonder of many on both sides of the border, traveled to Mexico to meet with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.


Trump landed in Mexico just before 2:00 p.m. local time (CDT), and helicoptered directly to the meeting with Nieto. They met for about an hour, then gave joint statements and answered reporters’ questions, all of which lasted about 40 minutes. As the two exited the meeting and took the stage to speak, it appeared as if the meeting had gone well.


First to speak was Nieto, whose tone was cordial. His speech was characterized primarily by repeating several times that Mexico and the U.S. should work “work together with mutual respect.”

Neito continued with “Mexico recognizes the fundamental right for a nation to protect its borders,” and the U.S. can expect to encounter “willingness and respect from Mexico to aid in the solution of the problem.”


Trump began with a statement that he has “tremendous feeling for Mexican-Americans, including the thousands who I employ,” and that those people are “beyond reproach.” He also characterized the U.S.’s relationship with Mexico by saying that “the bonds between our two countries are deep and sincere.”

Among the most discussed themes was trade. “Six million American jobs depend on American trade with Mexico,” said Nieto, “and Mexico trades with America more than almost any other foreign country—over 40% of Mexican exports go to the U.S. Nieto continued, “I do not believe that trade should be seen in the light of one country wins and the other loses; instead, it should be mutually beneficial. The border should be transformed into an asset for both countries, and we must work to make border crossings more efficient and safer. The problem with the border is primarily drugs and illegal crossings—but drug traffic is way down. Aggravating the problem are foreign nationals from other countries.”

Trump responded by saying that “we need to ensure trade is fair and reciprocal,” and that “we need to stem the tremendous outflow of jobs from the U.S. to Mexico.”



Another primary theme between that both discussed at length was border security.

Trump said that “Migrants make a dangerous trek to enter the U.S. without legal authorization. This is a humanitarian disaster, and it’s not fair to the Mexican people or the American people.” Nieto offered that “Weapons and money cross the border to Mexico [at an alarming rate], and this flow must be stopped. Many lives could be saved on both sides, and if we don’t solve this issue, there will be negative ramifications for both sides.”

Trump went on to describe five key points and goals to work toward that they discussed at length. Here, in a nutshell, are those five points:

  1. We need to end illegal immigration between the two countries, including the flow from other Central American countries that is coming through Mexico.
  2. Having and protecting a border is a nation’s sovereign right, and that cooperation on that matter is of paramount importance to both Mexico and the U.S.
  3. Cartel drug trafficking, illegal weapons trafficking, and cash illegally moving across the border must be stopped, and it is only by intelligence sharing and joint operations that this will be able to come about.
  4. NAFTA must be updated to reflect the realities of the world as it is today. Too much money is going to China; we must keep the money here in our hemisphere.
  5. We must keep manufacturing wealth here in our hemisphere.

Trump concluded by characterizing the result of the meeting by saying, “This was simply a preliminary meeting—there’s lots more to be discussed. I really believe the [Mexican] president and I will solve the problems that the two countries mutually face, as we work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.”

Nieto agreed: “I agree that we face many challenges, but by working together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, I trust we can find security and prosperity together. We might disagree on some issues, but your presence here shows me and the Mexican people that we have common ground.”

You can see the whole thing here:


In the final analysis, this was a move that could only be viewed as stunningly presidential. For him to walk directly into the “Land of the Trump Piñata” could not possibly have set a more important tone; this move could not possibly make a greater case for him being a truly great statesman; nor could it have been more indicative of Trump’s ability to work productively with world leaders at all levels.

Trump walked like Daniel into the den of lions, and came out standing as tall and strong as a mighty oak. And smelling like a rose.

Much has been made of Trump’s supposed ego. With this action, Trump held out an olive branch. One can’t help but think that Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who has already shown herself to be extremely effective, is behind much of this.

Trump will be following up this most memorable of days—one which will forever be remembered as the day that Trump really and fully came of age as a great statesman, by delivering a key speech in Arizona, on the topic of immigration, at 9:00 pm EDT.

Meanwhile Hillary spent her time today giving a truly jaw-droppingly disingenuous stump speech, accusing Trump of denigrating the idea of American exceptionalism—something that Trump has never done, but rather, something that BO famously did during one of his apology tours. This left observers looking at each other, wondering if Hillary was on hallucinogenics, or whether she has just gone full Nancy-Pelosi-moonbat delusional. The only thing missing was the laugh track we hear while watching sitcoms. It is increasingly clear to all that have eyes to see that she is exhibiting more and more desperation with each new day.

In other sleazy scummy Hillary news, legal experts have been discussing the ramifications of the newest release of another batch of her “lost” emails, even as the news has come to light that she didn’t just delete her emails—instead, she used a product called “bleach bit,” which is used only by the most professional data managers and spy rings to fully ensure that absolutely no one (perhaps even God) could ever read or recover those emails.

Seems kind of like a lot to go through to delete what she said were emails dealing with wedding plans.

These 30 new emails raised eyebrows because they deal primarily with Benghazi; although the FBI (motto: Forget Untouchables—We’re the Super-Easily Touchable, if you’re a Clinton) characterized those emails as ones that for the most part have already been reviewed.

However, if you’re anyone other than the FBI, you might notice that she signed a statement last summer warranting to the courts that she had turned over ALL her emails. Hey, let’s you or I try something like that and see what happens! We now have an aristocracy in America to whom the law does not apply. Does that sound like one of our nation’s founding principles? Is that the America you remember?

And so the court has now given Clinton notice that she will respond to the court’s latest request on the timetable that the court wants, not on her timetable.

Good luck with that, we’re talking about the Corruptress-In-Chief.

And now that we’ve taken a moment to deal with the trash, we once again turn our attention to statesman Donald Trump and his sure-to-be landmark speech on immigration tonight.

There’s no doubt it’ll be magnificent. Be there or be square.

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