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Fox News keeps firing 5 More Reporters, Are You glad they are Leaving? [Details]

Fox News has been dealing with a mass departure recently. Viewers are losing some of their beloved reporters including Greta Van Susteren reporter of On the Air as well as the liberal Megyn Kelly, well known for her open support to Hillary Clinton.
This transformation was expected in some way as a result of the recent Presidential election. Clearly, the time has come for fresh and compatible approach. Moreover, it has been announced that Fox News fired five more reporters, which was considered an infuriating step by some people.
Meanwhile, the network announced the list of names which were given the walking papers. It may be found shocking that the list consists of the following staff members: conservative author George Will, columnist Cal Thomas, reporter Mark Kalb, GOP strategist Ed Rollins, and Stacey Dash, a commentator who is also famous for her role in Clueless.
However, the most scandalous firing is undoubtedly that of George Will, 75, who was once attributed the most powerful journalist in America. He is apparently perplexed and confused as his breaking from the Republican Party was clearly announced this past June.
Now Will seems to be designated “unaffiliated,”, and this is what he stated regarding the rise of Donald Trump: “This is not my party. Make sure he loses.”

Stacey Dash, whose dismissal was also shocking, points out that Americans voted for Trump because “they want someone who will not put up with non-sense.” So, what’s your opinion on these reporters who got fired from Fox News?

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