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Fox News Receives Bad News About O’Reilly

Fox News has made a string of mistakes that might be very hard to come back from. Ever since the firing of political commentator Bill O’Reilly they have been in the dog house of conservatives around the country. Bill O’Reilly has sworn his innocents ever since the beginning and it is starting to look like the executives at Fox News made a MASSIVE mistake. many people have started boycotting the news company and they would be using millions if a lawsuit ever takes place.

They are very vulnerable right now and all of the secrets that are kept in its walls are starting to break. Not too long ago, the executives at Fox News tried to make a huge shake up with the fired former chairman Roger Ailes. Ailes is a large part of the reason Fox News is so successful.

Now they have taken an even bigger step into the flames by firing uber popular talk show host, Bill O’Reilly. The executives have now just received some VERY bad news.

Now the rating that Fox News has been receiving are in a free fall. Many of their conservative viewers have moved on from Fox News, relying on web based news sites to get their information. “Generally, the Fox audience is not going to be happy the network fired him. They’re going to think in was unfair.”

Many conservatives have come to the defense of O’Reilly, saying that the liberal hate groups were the ones to blame for this whole mess. It could be true, as killing O’Reilly’s reputation has been on their agenda for years now.

Hopefully all of this gets figured out in the next few weeks so that we can all stop wondering. But one thing is certain, Fox News just made a very bad mistake. It will be hard for them so retain their viewers after something this bad.

What do you think?