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MSNBC Spreads Dangerous Fake News Story About The Las Vegas Shooting

After the Las Vegas shooting, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle has been spreading dangerous lies. According to Ruhle, silencers make guns totally silent and you only use them so you can shoot people without being heard.

“What is the rationale behind needing, wanting, a silencer if not to muffle or hide what you’re doing?” asked Ruhle. “Well the NRA claims it’s to protect the ears of hunters. But the idea is, under the ruse of protecting the hearing of hunters, they’re going to authorize a device that will effectively silence a weapon,” responded former NYC police commissioner Bill Bratton.

The sad thing is that a police commissioner like Bill Bratton should be aware that he is spreading misinformation. Silencers are used in .003% of crimes according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“So imagine if this individual had a silencer on the end of some of these weapons, you would not have even known that this was happening but for the sound of these gunshots,” said Bratton asserted.

In reality, a firearm with a silencer is as loud as a jackhammer. What a silencer does is move the sound away from your ear to stop you from going deaf. It does not make a gun ‘silent’. How much longer will liberals try spreading this lie? Check out the video below.

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